Monday, November 16, 2009

Happy Halloween!!!

Halloween was another one of those whirlwind weekends in October. We had the kids, and also had a wedding to attend in Dallas, so we loaded everyone up and headed to my parents' house. That weekend really tested me as a stepmom, because Kaitlin really didn't want to go, and was pulling every card she could think of to try and get out of it. She finally got in the spirit of things, and I think things between us are heading back to normal (or at least I hope they are!)...but who can tell with a teenager!

Any adventure with my parents wouldn't be complete without Mark taking at least one silly picture! He was helping Kennedy with her pumpkin and decided he needed to pose with a power tool. As you can see from her face, Kennedy is less than impressed!

The pumpkins with their carvers...then at night all lit up!
Scott and I weren't able to take the kids trick-or-treating, but my parents eagerly stepped in to do that job! The kids looked FANTASTIC - Kaitlin as an 80's rocker, Harrison a baseball player, and Kennedy "Jasmine," or an Arabian princess...most people thought she was a gypsy, but who cares?! She was adorable!

The wedding was a blast, it was so good to see everyone! It was hard explaining to Scott how I fit in with this group of people, though. I was the only public school girl in the mix, and was only friends with everyone because I had gone to preschool with Lauren, and we had been randomly running into each other ever since, keeping the friendship alive! The funniest part about the wedding was that when Lauren first introduced me to Karen (the bride), we HATED each other! I guess it's because we both have strong personalities... who knows! But, I'm so glad that quickly changed, and am grateful for the opportunity Lauren gave me to enter in her social circle and make friends I will cherish forever!
The Longhorns and their Ladies ;-)

The weekend flew by, and after church and a trip to the park, we were back on the road, ready to face whatever the next month had in store for us...

Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous

October was a pretty crazy month! We went out of town almost every weekend...and driving long hours is not what I want to spend my too-short weekends doing, normally, but these trips were pretty fun! One weekend we went to Concordia Lutheran High School's annual dinner auction in The Woodlands. It was fun to kinda pamper myself in preparation! Chrysta spent an hour on my hair making it curly, then I went to see my gal Carrie at the Benefit counter at Macy's (the only makeup I wear...on days when I actually put makeup on, which is usually pretty few and far between!) The only problem with getting all dolled up beforehand was the fact that I had to stay awake for the entire trip! I usually fall asleep instantly in the car, so that was difficult for me!
Scott and I all Fancylike :-)

The auction itself was pretty cool. We got to sit at the Concordia University table thanks to Scott's dad, and it was really fun to spend the evening with his parents, brother, new sister-in-law, and close friends. I bid on several items in the silent auction, although I got outbid on most of them! The live auction was CRAZY! I bid on the longhorn steer (only after double -checking to make sure that someone else bid too, so I wouldn't have to pay $1500...), but the amount of money these parents were willing to pay to sit in the front row at graduation was UNBELIEVABLE!!! After that, there was a band and dancing...the best part of the whole auction, although most people left as soon as the live auction was over. Nights like that are always a blast, but I'm kinda glad they're few and far between...

I absolutely adore Scott and Jodi! I wish they lived closer, so we could hang out more often!

OU Still Sucks!

So this year, I got to go to the Red River Rivalry for the very first time! I was THRILLED to finally get to go, until that morning rolled around, and I was up on a Saturday before I am usually up during the week! However, after a quality breakfast of corn dogs and beer, I was ready to go!
The cows were out in full force, and you could have your picture taken with either the UT cow or the OU cow... The lady who took our picture also took a picture with her own camera to be hung up in the store, so our picture could be hanging in a Chick-Fil-A somewhere...
I don't know if it was the heat, the zebras, the lack of good football, or the fact that the game went on FOREVER, but I was less than impressed. But, hey, a W is still a W, right?! After the game we wandered the fair for awhile, but I was pretty much just ready to go home and SIT (since you don't do that AT ALL during a huge rivalry football game)! To top off my disappointment, we got a funnel cake, which didn't even cover the whole plate! What has happened to the fair?!?! The funnel cakes used to be impossible to eat yourself without being so full you were sick, and we were still hungry after ours! We somehow managed to weasel our way into the DART line, and make it out of the fair in a reasonable amount of time. Hopefully next year will be a more pleasant experience, overall!
Scott and I with my Parents at the Post-Game Celebration Dinner
The Longhorns were actually icing from our delicious cupcakes from Sprinkles.
(I do have to say, that is one fantabulous store! It only sells cupcakes! Why didn't I think of that?!)

Happy Birthday To You....

We took the kids down to Dripping Springs to surprise Regan for her big day! We had a blast eating lasagna, singing karaoke, and just hanging out with the cousins!

Partyin' With the Cousins
The cake was ADORABLE!!!

Then it was Grandma Lentz's birthday! Scott and I went over to her house for dinner (I don't know why she had to cook her own birthday dinner...that's my one rule - I don't cook on my birthday!). We were joined by Scott's mom, dad, uncle, and two aunts. It was the first time all four of Elizabeth's kids had been together in a long was a very touching moment!
Proud Birthday Mom with her children
Wine + Cake + Ice Cream = Perfect Birthday Meal

September was a fun month for birthdays!