Saturday, December 26, 2009

It's the most wonderful time of the year...

I love Christmas! I love the music, I love the "holiday spirit," I love how I'm done shopping before the month of November, so all I have to do is relax while everyone else is frantically trying to get the perfect gift! Oh, and the time off from school isn't bad either! This year, it wasn't much of a break, though...I spent my time working at Sweet Serendipity, the family candy store. It got crazy at times, but it was fun to have that "girl bonding" time with the Adam ladies. Christmas is so much more fun with children! The joy that sparkles in their eyes as they open something they really wanted...the pride of picking out your gift ALL BY THEMSELVES...what an amazing day! But Christmas wouldn't be Christmas if it wasn't for the spiritual aspect of it... Christmas Eve service at Celebration wasn't what I'm used to on Christmas Eve, but it was beautiful! Pastor Joe's sermon was unbelievably moving, as usual, so I was ok that it was 2pm, not 11pm, and the candlelight singing wasn't to "Silent Night." Being away from my parents on Christmas was strange too, it was my first year to not celebrate with them, but they seemed to have a great day too! Besides, we get to see them in a few days for New Year's! They always throw the best parties...and we do nothing but play board games all night long! I'm so excited that halfway through my break, my vacation can finally begin! In the words of Tiny Tim, "God bless us, everyone!"

Our faculty Christmas party was a BLAST! I have some truly wonderful colleagues that I'm so glad I can also call my friends...

Totally worth the $20 photo and the hour and a half in line!
Lucky kids...Santa comes to TWO houses! :-)
Sibling football rivalry...even on Christmas morning!

What I'm Thankful For...

November was a pretty busy month! Kaitlin is officially a teenager, we partied in Waco for the Baylor game, and I hosted my very first Thanksgiving. It was FABULOUS! My mom came early to help me cook, and the kids were a big help as well! Don, Bev, and Grandma Lentz came to dinner, and it was great spending quality time with our extended family. We stayed away from the malls on Black Friday and instead had our first annual holiday kickball game. What a DISASTER! ;-) The first field we came to was COVERED in fire ants, so we went to the local school. Harrison and Kaitlin were the team captains, but they had some pretty slim pickens for teammates! Scott was probably the best player of the lot, but he ran around the field so much, he was quickly winded and pulled a muscle. Needless to say, the game ended in two innings. We learned that we need to be in much better shape for next year's competition! I'm so thankful for my wonderful family! I have been truly blessed!

We love the Nabors, despite the fact they're Baylor Bears! I'm so proud of my Daddy for wearing orange, even though he went to Baylor, too!
Posing in front of the coolest car EVER!
Posing during our tour of Inner Space Caverns. Despite what you think, it's hot and humid down there!
Talking to Mark on the cell phone, yet continuing to help with Thanksgiving dinner!
Mom bought us all new aprons for our day(s) of cooking! Aren't we festive?! :-)