Saturday, September 12, 2009

Hook 'Em Horns!

It's FINALLY football season! We decided to take the kids to the season opener this year, since Rice was not on our schedule. We had a BLAST! Here are some pictures from the game:
It's always nice to get to hang out with Mark before the game at the Alumni Center. This year, we enjoyed watching him from the stands with binoculars as well! :)

Kennedy watched in awe as the cheerleaders performed during the pre-game pep rally in the alumni center. We had met one of them right beforehand, so she focused her attention on Kenny for much of the pep rally. Boy, did that make her feel special!

Kaitlin and I used Kennedy's pom-poms for new hairdos. Hers actually looked really cute...mine, not so much! They were returned to Kennedy's hands immediately after taking this picture.
The most bizarre part of the game: right in front of us sat four friends and dormmates of Scott's from his freshman year in Dobie! What an awesome unexpected reunion!

Posing after a long day, and another Longhorn victory!