Friday, June 22, 2012

Summer Slim Down - The Recipes

So, two weeks into this whole healthy eating thing and I am pretty much where I was when I started.  A little discouraging, but I am blaming PMS...and am counting on a miracle this week.  My husband, however has dropped quite a bit...I am very proud of him!  Anyway, I thought I would share some of the things we've eaten which were really yummy.  Some of you have probably seen many of these recipes on Pinterest, but I thought it would be nice to provide an easy link to the stuff I've actually tried and enjoyed. :-)

P.S. I am linking to the recipes instead of copying and pasting them, because I am trying to give credit to the originator of the idea.

(I used a pair of tongs instead of toothpicks and "The Greek Gods" instead of "Dannon")

Of course, mine turned out as blobs, not perfectly rounded circles, but they sure tasted yummy!  I used Activia Light Peach and Harvest Cherry.

This was DELICIOUS!  I just need to figure out a way to store ginger root once it's cut ,so it doesn't go bad...

This one is super thick and extremely filling.  It tastes good, though.

I didn't think I would find the cherry juice at the store, but I did!  This one is SOOO yummy, and I got a great night's sleep!

Scott and I love this recipe and eat it frequently.  I totally eyeball the ingredients, so my measurements are totally different than what it says on the recipe.  I also often add flax.

This is FABULOUS...and super quick and easy.  I served it over Veetee Thai Lime and Herb Rice.

I'm not quite sure this is the recipe I used, but it's close enough.  We served the shrimp mixture over lettuce.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Summer Slim Down

My weight has been pretty consistent for the past several years, fluctuating only a few pounds up or down from my “ideal weight.”  So, I was devastated when I got on the scale this morning to realize that I was now TEN POUNDS over that weight.  YUCK! No wonder my clothes don’t look good…they don’t fit right!  So, for the next month (June 11 to July 11), I am committing myself to trying to fix that problem.

Here’s how I plan on doing it:

I have decided to eliminate three foods (or food categories) from each of the letters in the word “bad” during the week.  (I can still eat/drink them in moderation on the weekends.)
Here’s what I came up with for my B.A.D. foods: 
American cheese*
Deli meats
*well, pretty much all sliced/shredded cheese, but I needed another “A”

In addition, I have also committed to the following dietary restrictions:
  •  No coffee and no soda….tea and water only!  (maybe some protein shakes)
  • Avoid fast food…try to eat only packed lunches or “real” restaurants.  If eating at a fast food restaurant is unavoidable, find a salad…nothing fried! 
Scott and I are also going to begin walking around the neighborhood each night, and on days when I don’t have inservice, I also plan on getting up and going for a run/jog.

So, here goes…hope it helps!