Monday, June 14, 2010

Mothers' Day

I never realized how difficut managing holidays could be.  I had always spent them with my parents, and sometimes my grandparents.  That's just the way it was...the way it's supposed to be.  I remember the first holiday I spent away from them.  It was Easter, I was in graduate school and working, and couldn't take off to go home for the weekend.  Although I spent that Easter with family, it didn't seem right...I wasn't with my parents.  I remember my mom calling in tears, and I just felt so horrible!

Fast forward to the present:  married life.  Now, two sets of parents have to be in balance!  CRAZY!  But, wait....there's more!  Being a step-family means that there are four sets of "parents" to please!  Holidays can be almost as hectic as a circus in our family, but I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world!

But, somehow, on Mothers' Day, all of the planets seemed to be in alignment, and I got to spend the day with most of the mothers in my life.  The kids were with us that weekend, so I woke up to sweet homemade cards and gifts, and then their Mimi picked them up from church so they could spend the majority of the day with their actual mother.  After church, we went to see my grandma at the nursing home, and then went out to lunch with my parents.  For dinner, we celebrated with all the in-town mothers on Scott's side of the family: his mom, grandma, aunt, and expectant mother sister-in-law.  I was so blessed to have such an amazing day!

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