Monday, July 20, 2009

Scott's 40th Birthday Shindig

Our whirlwind summer of events is almost over!  For a few weeks there, it was REALLY crazy!  Wedding, honeymoon, Fourth of July, then SURPRISE!  Scott turned 40, and I threw him a party!  It's nice to finally relax this summer!  On the night of his actual birthday, Kaitlin and I made cupcakes, then we went to Hula Hut for dinner.  It was a great night spent with family, the kids got him some really cool gifts, and he was almost convinced that was all we were doing to celebrate...

Then came the fun part...Saturday night surprise party!  I had invited our parents and some of our dearest friends over for a party in the backyard complete with catered BBQ.  He figured I had something up my sleeve, but neither of us expected how much fun it would turn out to be!

Scott and his Birthday Cake

The first surprise of the night was the cake.  My mom said she was making several Texas sheet cakes, but brought the cake above instead.  It was a replica of his groom's cake, because Mom felt sorry for him that he had only gotten the one bite I fed him.  What an awesome surprise... although we're STILL eating cake!!!

Mark and the kids with the rocket

Before the party, we split up into "guy car" and "girl car" and did a little bonding shopping with the fam.  The girls brought home all kinds of purses and accessories, and the guys brought home a 7 foot rocket.  Little did we know how much of a hit it would be at the party!  Watching Mark and the kids try to figure out how to work the rocket was hysterical!  (Kaitlin finally decided to read the instructions...) The launch was a new set of laughs, because it wouldn't go in the direction they wanted it insisted on landing in the overgrown field of weeds behind our house repeatedly!  Since boys never really outgrow their toys, I have a feeling we'll be seeing much more of the rocket...

The Longhorn Walker

Once we sent the kids upstairs, the last surprises of the night were revealed... it was time for Scott to realize that it was a "gag-gifts only" party!  He received some classics: a beer disguised as Geritol, M&Ms disguised as Viagra, brain teaser books, sippie cups, a remote with oversized buttons, and la pièce de résistance...the longhorn walker. 

Overall, the party was a huge success, and I think everyone had a great time...I know we did!  Scott had a fantastic birthday, and I've had a lot of fun coming up with new, exciting recipes for all the leftover barbecue we have! :)

Friday, July 10, 2009

"I Left my Heart in San Francisco"

On the plane: San Francisco, Here We Come!  

We had a fabulous honeymoon!  Ok, so maybe it was less of what people consider to be a honeymoon, and more of a vacation...but we had a blast and enjoyed each other's company, so I think that's what's important!  San Francisco was a beautiful city, and the weather was AMAZING!
Drinking a Milkshake at an old 50's Diner

Monday, we got our rental car (BRAND NEW Ford Mustang was awesome!) and headed to the hotel.  My parents booked the hotel for us, and I think Scott got a little nervous once he noticed it's location: it was a shopper's paradise!  There were two Macy's!!!  Lucky for him, I didn't spend all of our money in department stores.  After wandering around Union Square for awhile, we decided to head to Chinatown for dinner and cheap souvenirs.  We were kinda disappointed in the Chinese food, since it WAS Chinatown, but maybe we just didn't pick the right restaurant.  
Muir Woods: I was attempting to smile even though my teeth were chattering!

Tuesday, we took the drive up to Muir Woods to look at the redwood forests.  It was a rather chilly morning, but we were determined to take full advantage of the convertible.  So, we put the top down, put the heat on full blast, and headed on our way!  After our coldest weather in the 50s that morning, we toured the little town of Sausalito with our warmest weather in the 70s.  That night, we saw Wicked!, my favorite Broadway play.
Lunch at the CIA in Napa Valley
Beringer Vineyard

Wednesday was wine day!  We tasted our way through a bunch of wineries around St. Helena in Napa Valley.  We went to the CIA for lunch, and after an interesting (and not very appetizing) array of frois groi, anchovies, and pate for lunch...the restaurant completely redeemed themselves with a mouth-watering chocolate lava cake:

After watching us attempt this picture multiple times, a very nice stranger offered to take this shot for us.
On Pier 39 Looking out over Alcatraz.

Thursday, we spent the day wandering around the sites of town we hadn't seen yet, such as Fisherman's Wharf.  We had a great time watching sea lions, eating fish straight from the market, and just wandering around.
Toasting at The Stinking Rose

Thursday night was a special treat, because my roommate for two years in college met up with us and took us out to dinner.  The restaurant was called The Stinking Rose, because everything there was made with garlic.  Scott was a little bit skeptical at first I think, but it actually was one of the best meals we had on our trip.  After dinner, we headed to Beach Blanket Babylon (the longest running show in San Fran)... a musical review/comedy/political act which was hysterical!  
At Alcatraz, with a view of the city

Hangin' out on a cable car

Friday was our last day in San Francisco, so we went to Alcatraz.  It was very interesting, although now it's a bird sanctuary, so it smelled HORRIBLE!  Then we headed back to Texas and the heat and spent the Fourth with my parents and grandparents in San Marcos.  I enjoyed the fantasy life for a week, but it's also nice to get back to normal when it's all said and done.

In San Francisco, there's chocolates for ALL weddings! :)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

"I now pronounce you husband and wife..."

I was one of those little girls.  You know, the ones who started planning their wedding at a VERY young age.  I've watched "A Wedding Story" and "Whose Wedding is it Anyway?" for as long as I can remember.  I've owned every copy of Martha Stewart Weddings that has been published since 1998.  So, when it came to planning my wedding...I was ready!  I knew EXACTLY what I wanted!  (Or so I thought!)  It's funny how the white lace gown I'd imagined wearing for ten years morphed into a pink champagne gown with colored beadwork... Or the seven bridesmaids in unique black cocktail dresses became three in matching celadon... Or the night wedding with champagne and cocktails became an afternoon wedding with an after-party on 6th street...  But, in the end, it really was EXACTLY what I wanted.
And I spent hours meticulously planning flowers, linens, appetizers, cake, and everything else that goes into a wedding, and really wish I had listened to my friends and family when they told me not to stress....  Because, honestly, I can't tell you what the flowers looked like, I had no food, I got the one bite of cake Scott fed me, and everything else about the day was a blur.  But, even though I don't remember what I spent hours planning, I remember what mattered.  The look on Scott's face when my dad walked me down the aisle, the comments and compliments about how beautiful everything was and how special the family vows were, the tears as the last song was played and everyone realized it was my voice over the speaker, the first time I used the words "wife" and "husband".... It's the little moments that matter in the grand scheme of things and my wedding was no different.  My father-in-law made a toast at the morning-after brunch about how things went off without a hitch...and although there were many hitches, I'm glad he didn't know about them, so that the day could be everything I could want it to be:perfect!

The morning-after brunch: my mom and dad, their best friend Mark, Scott, and me
The Newlyweds
The After-Party at Pete's Piano Bar: Brady and his date with Scott and me
Bride + Groom + Bridesmaids - Maid of Honor + Hubby of BM = Fun Wedding Party
The First Dance:  "You Had Me From Hello" morphed into "T-R-O-U-B-L-E"
My BEAUTIFUL Stepdaughters: Kaitlin, Maid of Honor, and Kennedy, Flower Girl
Rehearsal Dinner at Pappasito's
Proud Parents of the Bride