Sunday, February 28, 2010

Winter Wonderland

Yes, I live in Austin.  Yes, it is February.  Yes, it did snow!  And yes, I have proof:

Texas vs. Nebraska take 2

UT offers discounted basketball tickets to groups of 10 or more...and since Santa Claus loves a discount, he included some when he was stuffing stockings this year!  So, on February 13, our family joined the Guerrero family for some Longhorn basketball.
If you've ever read the book Flat Stanley, this is Austin's take!  A popular country DJ, Bama Brown, has turned himself into "Flat Bama."  We thought he would like his beautiful multi-colored striped pants made by Kennedy, and the fact that we waited and took his picture with the Texas Pom instead of the actual basketball players!
I have never been at a school where I have felt comfortable around the principal, much less spent time with their family outside of school, so this is such a great change!  She always talks about how CD Fulkes faculty is a family, and I really do think I am blessed to have two wonderful families!

Sunny California

So much for my New Year's resolution of keeping up with my blog!  There seriously needs to be more hours in the day, so that I can get done what I WANT to get done, instead of feeling like i can't even get done what I NEED to get done!

So, Scott and my Christmas presents to each other was a trip to the National Championship game.  Although the results didn't turn out the way we had hoped, the trip (and the weather) was still spectacular!

We arrived in LA late Tuesday night, so the festivities started on Wednesday.  We went to Hollywood and Beverly Hills, and did all the fun touristy things like the Chinese Theatre and Rodeo Drive.  I learned that even though I don't have Bette Davis eyes, I DO have Bette Davis hands! :-)

Thursday was devoted to the game.  We arrived at the stadium early, but were still concerned about parking.  Luckily Aubrey had his cane, and we had a handicapped parking sticker, so we parked like rock stars!  We tailgated with 10, 000 of our closest friends under a bright sunny skies and prepared for the game of our lives.  The heartache and what ifs still linger, but we still had an awesome time.

Friday was our day of culture!  We went to the Getty estate and museum.  I have never seen so many items from Greek antiquity in one place before (but then again, I've never been to Greece, so...).  The wine, food, and view were spectacular...and the company wasn't too bad, either! ;-)  On Saturday, we walked along a couple of beaches before heading back home.

Although I wish the results of the game had been different, it was nice to get off work a few extra days, especially to go somewhere with such BEAUTIFUL weather!  I could really get used to this "honeymoon" in California every six months....